Betsy Bashore - Women's Attire in the US and Canada, 1800-1818

This presentation is based on a live fashion show highlighting examples in US and Canadian collections. The examples span a broad array of economic ranges and regions. Specific pieces are drawn from the Royal Ontario museum, Genesee County Village and Museum, the Ohio Historical Society and other collections, and include day and evening attire, outerwear and accessories.  The show typically includes 10-12 ensembles.

1. Working Class to Middle Class

2. Middle to Upper Class Day Wear

3. Middle to Upper Class attire for evening
Betsy has been involved in costume construction for over 35 years and has had the opportunity to study in numerous  collections, including West Point, the Missouri Historical Society, Ohio Historical Society, Rensallier County H.S. , the Susan Green Collection at Genesee Country Village and Museum, and Royal Ontario Museum. 
She has been conducting fashion shows on women’s War of 1812 and Regency attire since 2004. Her fashion shows are a vehicle  to illustrate varying styles, occupations, regions, and religious and cultural influences. She included both items made from commercially available patterns (as pattern), items from adaptations of commercially available patterns, to those made from extant examples, photographs and grid patterns. Grid patterns drawn from extant examples are available on her web page at