Jack Bilow - "Sixty Days of Death": Uncovering War of 1812 Casualties

This talk will discuss research in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. and the casualties incurred during the War of 1812.  It will focus on the Niagara Peninsula as the most important theatre in the War of 1812, and specifically on the "sixty days of death:" the running gun battle at and near Fort Erie.  This was the longest attack and counterattack ever on Canadian soil.  

Jack BIlow graduated from Chateaugay High School (NY) in 1969 and then from college at Canton ATC.  He has been a geneologist for 50 years and has written six books.  In 1985, he completed Chateaugay NY and the War of 1812 and in 2000, a 80 year history of his school's basketball teams.  He is currently working on his family's geneology back to the Revolutionary War