Ghosts of a Forgotten War

David Clarke: Ghosts of a Forgotten War: Examining Canada's Haunted War of 1812 Sites

A native of Newfoundland and Labrador, David Clarke is an alumnus of Memorial University of Newfoundland's graduate program in history, where he studied aspects of 19th century Britain, with a minor in American history. Dr. Clarke has taught students at his alma mater and the University of Liverpool. The author of ten works of history, most of which focus on his home region of Newfoundland, David's latest book deals with purportedly haunted sites connected with the War of 1812 (A second volume, centred on sites in the USA, is in the works).

This talk will derive from the research David has done for his latest book, which detailed the history of, and paranormal phenomenon associated with, more than sixty Canadian locales connected with the War of 1812. As it would not be practical to go in-depth on this many sites over the course of a single talk, he will instead zero in on a few interesting locations, presenting some background on their past, and the spectres said to inhabit them.

David Clarke's talk was held on Saturday, 30 October, 2021.  If you missed it, you can still watch it here:

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