Thomas Hurlbut: Admirals of England: Jane Austen's Naval Brothers

Jane Austen introduces the Royal Navy into several of her novels.  Who were the inspirations for Captain Wentworth and William Price?  This is a brief look at the Naval careers of Frances and Charles Austen who were very active during Jane's writing days.


Thomas Hurlbut considers himself an amateur historian and has been looking into the truth behind the popular fiction.  Even as a teenager, while devouring the works of C.S. Forester, he was exploring Jamaica's den of piracy, Port Royal.  More recently, his living history passion has him leading the Naval Establishment, a North American wide organization of re-enactors who look for opportunities to experience the exploits of Horatio Nelson's contemporaries through practical activities.  Now retired from a career in the petroleum industry, he makes his home in Orillia, Ontario.