Adam Shoalts: Epic History: A Look at A History of Canada in 10 Maps

We've all heard people say Canada's history is dull. Adam Shoalts heard it frequently from his students, who didn't want to hear about the War of 1812 or anything else that wasn't subject to a Hollywood blockbuster. That is, until they read the sensational national best-seller A History of Canada in 10 Maps, a book that blew the dust off Canada's past and took a whole new approach to writing Canada's history. Shoalts shows how, drawing insights from his previous experience teaching Ancient Greek and Roman history and using experimental archaeology, he tackled writing Canada's history by making it an epic, bloody, Game of Thrones style adventure, but still meticulously footnoted and researched. Dr. Shoalts gives us the behind-the-scenes look at his acclaimed, multiple week best-seller and shows us crucially, how to expand interest in Canada's past beyond just all of us history buffs to a much wider audience.   


Adam Shoalts has been called "Canada's greatest living explorer," (CBC News), "one of the greatest explorers in Canada's history" (Canadian Geographic), "Canada's Indiana Jones," (the Toronto Star), and "a rare breed of woodsman," (The National Post), but in reality, he's just a guy who enjoys long walks in the woods. Best known for his long solo adventures, Shoalts' expeditions have included crossing nearly 4,000 km of arctic wilderness alone, archaeological digs in four countries, and expeditions everywhere from the Amazon to the Antarctic. He's a historian, geographer, and archaeologist with a PhD from McMaster University and is Explorer-in-Residence with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. In 2016 Shoalts was named National Champion of the Trans-Canada Trail.