Craig WIlliams - The Lyrics of Armaggedon: A Look at the Poetry Born of War

Sometimes the simplicity of poetic imagery is the most effective way of conveying the individual experience. Can it convey what war feels like?  This presentation will use poetry from several time periods but will ultimately concentrate on World War 1 to focus on different aspects of the experience and how that is sometimes more effectively conveyed in poetry than in history tomes.


Craig Williams is a generalist whose work experience includes being a docent for the Toronto Historical Board, a program director for the Heritage office of the Niagara Parks Commission (Fort Erie) and an advisor to documentaries and historical films and television.

His education is in Art, art history and theatre.

He is also a military re-enactor of 40 years experience in several different time periods including Canada in the Great War.

Craig works as a props master in the film/television industry.