Alexander Mikaberidze

Jean-Jacques -Régis Cambacérès: ‘The Second Most Important Man in France’

For two decades, Jean-Jacques-Régis Cambacérès figured very conspicuously in France’s political, cultural, and legal life. As a deputy to the Estates General, president of the Napoleon Convention, Minister of Justice under the Directory, Second Consul under the Consulate, President of the Senate and Archchancellor of the Empire, he was “more than number two, less than number one”, in the apt description of historian Pierre-François Pinaud, and was instrumental in the genesis of the great reforms and institutions that came to define this era.

Alexander Mikaberidze is Professor of History and Ruth Herring Noel Endowed Chair at Louisiana State University-Shreveport. He has written and edited over two dozen books, including the award-winning The Napoleonic Wars: A Global History (Oxford, 2020) that has been translated into six languages. He is one of the editors of the multi-volume Cambridge History of the Napoleonic Wars.

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