Angela Bobier

Thomas Talbot: The Benevolent Despot of the Talbot Settlement

In this talk, we will find out how Thomas Talbot used his Anglo-Irish nobility and military connections to secure the land along the north shore of Lake Erie to distribute as he saw fit to early settlers in Upper Canada.

Were his methods fair, popular, or effective? Join us as we travel through the early 1800s in the development of the settlement. What is the legacy left by Talbot and his settlers on the region?

Angela Bobier grew up in Wallacetown, within the Heart of the Talbot Settlement and has a Diploma in Cultural Resource Management from the University of Victoria.  Angela‚Äôs work background is in retail and direct sales, team building, customer service, and marketing. In 2009, Angela was elected to the Tyrconnell Heritage Society Board of Directors and held the positions of Membership and Marketing Chairperson, Education Day Chairperson, Vice President and President before taking on the staff role of Cultural Manager in June, 2012.  Angela was given the title of Executive Director in 2022, her 10th anniversary at the museum.


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