Fighting it Out

Brad St. Croix: Fighting it Out: Canadian Troops at Hong Kong and In Memory


The battle of Hong Kong occupies an unique place in Canada's Second World War. It was the first land battle fought by the Canadian Army in the conflict while simultaneously being one of the worst military defeats in the nation’s history. Brad will provide an overview of the events of the Canadian reinforcement of Hong Kong, the fighting in December 1941, and the years the troops spent as prisoners of war.

Brad will also look at events after the war to demonstrate how the battle’s legacy was shaped by bitter political battles, allegations of a conspiracy to sacrifice Canadian troops, and a pattern of government negligence in the treatment of the battle’s veterans. He will then discuss how the legacy of the battle is still being determined by exploring the creation of the Hong Kong Memorial Wall. 

Brad St.Croix holds a PhD in history from the University of Ottawa. His dissertation examined the battle of Hong Kong and its legacy in Canada. He is the creator of the On This Day in Canadian Military History accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Through these accounts he profiles events of Canada’s military past everyday of the year. He also runs a YouTube channel of the same name where he creates videos about Canadian military history. He has published several articles on a wide variety of topics connected to military history and Canadian history. He has worked as a researcher at the Canadian War Museum and with the Canadian Research and Mapping Association on several articles for Project ‘44.

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