Lezlie Harper

Celebrating Canadian Black History

Lezlie Harper is the operator of Niagara Bound Tours, a Black history tour company located in St. Catharines, ON.

Lezlie is a fifth plus generation Black Canadian whose family came to Canada in 1851 settling in Fort Erie. She also has ancestors that were here earlier that she will speak about.

This has been a constant learning journey for Lezlie as she enters her 19th year of offering these tours to people she has hosted from around the world as well as many motorcoaches from the U.S. She also enjoys working with others on telling the Black history story. At present she sits on the Underground Railroad Consortium of New York State which is dedicated to preserving these historic sites throughout the state.

She also is working with other U.S states to establish a Harriet Tubman Trail that will end up in Ontario.

Reflecting on the experiences of her family and her community, Lezlie will talk about how Blacks living in Canada rose above their circumstances. Not only will the talk look at why Black Canadian History is important, it will also be a celebration of Blacks in Canada. Lezlie feels it is important for Black Canadians to feel proud of their Canadian heritage.

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